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  • That's it for 2023
    That's it for 2023

    Our 2023 Season has now finished at Thatcham and Swindon



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New season starting soon

Now that the nights are colder and winter is upon us we are taking a break. We will return in the Spring.

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Next events

Our next bootsales will be on the 28th May at Thatcham and Woodley. On June 4th we will have another boot sale running in the centre of Swindon.

If you're looking for a fun and exciting way to spend a Sunday, then you should head over to the Thatcham Car Boot Sale. This popular event, held in the picturesque market town of Thatcham, offers a great opportunity to hunt for hidden treasures, socialize with other bargain hunters and maybe even make a little money of your own.


Next events

Our next bootsales will be on the 28th May at Thatcham and Woodley.


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Woodley and Thatcham both running this Sunday 30th April!

We are back at Thatcham this Sunday - please note there are some small changes (see below). Woodley is also running as normal.


Please note - Seller entry is from 7am but please be aware there is an ANPR camara at the entrance that is switched off at 7am so if you get there at 4am (it does happen) it is at your own risk. If you arrive early just wait in the free council car park until 7am.

Early bird entry is slightly earlier at 08.15 rather than 08.30 (this is a trial to see how it affects parking). Please note as always the overflow car park will only be opened once the buyer queue is safely away.


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