Car boot sales in Bristol, Thatcham, Wincanton

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Next Event - Sunday 14th June

Due to the current virus situation we are making changes for your and our safety. There will be no early bird entry - buyers will be allowed entry from 9am.

Other measures will include:

One-way ONLY system around the event (if you wish to re-enter thats fine but you will have to join the queue).
Separate gate of and exit for buyers.
Queued entry 2 metres apart.
Digital Thermometer Guns on Entry - Anyone with a Fever will be declined entry.
Attendance Limited to 100 People [subject to review].
One Out - One In when Full.
Hand Sanitiser Available at Point of Entry and exit.
Facemasks and gloves available for a small fee.
Signage Reinforcing Social Distancing.
All staff will be wearing PPE including masks, gloves and facesheilds where required.

Unwanted items?

If you are selling and left with items you dont want to take home why not consider donating to a local charity shop. Please dont leave items outside their door (technically fly tipping), consider taking them to the Thatcham branch of Scope which is open on Sundays and a stones throw away.


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