Please note any food or drinks being sold must be agreed in advance or you will be refused (this is because we need to ensure sellers have hygiene certificates and insurance etc).




Sellers can arrive any time after 07.30 (please do not arrive before this time as there is an ANPR camera at the entrance which is active and we are not responsible for any penalties if you arrive too early). Sellers are required to stay until 11am unless agreed otherwise. Do not drive through a public event without supervision.

Buyers are allowed entry from 08.15.

There are several trained first aiders on site as well as a community defibrilator should you be overwhelmed by bargains.

Toilets are in the hall.

Where can I park?

Thatcham Memorial Car Park - 60 spaces, 50p for 2 hours (there is an ANPR camera so a ticket is required).

Thatcham Memorial Field - Over 150 spaces, FREE (open after 08.45 once the buyers queue has gone or when we deem it safe to open - please do not try to enter before this time as you will be asked to turn around).

Gilbert Court East - 50 spaces, FREE on Sundays. Please note there is a private parking area clearly marked next to the residential home which is off limits - park there at your own risk but you may get clamped.

ATS car park - 20 spaces, FREE on Sundays only.

Kingsland Centre Car Park - 200 spaces, FREE on Sundays only.

Check the links below for the most up to date prices.

For more information and maps click here

Diasabled access and parking at the Car Boot Sale.

These disabled parking areas are located outside of the hall and in the Memorial Car Park.
In very busy periods disabled bays may become full, when this happens our marshals will try their best to accommodate your parking needs.