Sellers from 10.00.

Buyers from 11.00 - 14.00

Located just off the A4 Bath Road is Thatcham Memorial Ground, home to Thatcham's biggest weekly boot sale.

We would like to thank sellers and buyers visiting Thatcham Car Boot sale. The event provides vital funds for Thatcham Memorial Hall & Playing Fields (charity number 1187212).

There are trained first aiders no site as well as a community defibrilator should you be overwhelmed by bargains.

We have space for 150+ sellers and parking for 250+ buyer vehicles. The memorial car park (by the tennis courts) is 50p for two hours. For more information on available parking click here.

If you are a buyer please remember to park sensibly.

Sellers are not permitted to sell illegal, hazardous or products that are not suitable to be displayed at a family based event. No food or drink is to be sold without the organisers express consent.

Prohibited items include but are not limited to alcohol, tobacco products, firearms, fireworks, knives or weapons, explicit material, livestock and counterfeit or stolen items. If such items are found on display they will be asked to remove them from sale. If a seller is found to be displaying counterfeit, contraband or stolen items staff will take your registration number and contact the police or trading standards (this is a legal requirement).